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Kansas Underwood

I have worked as a leader for over a decade.  Most of my experience in healthcare. I have held multiple leadership positions and have loved each one, finding that no matter the environment I worked in, the basics all came back to the same thing. Strong and compassionate leadership. I moved into coaching because I saw so many leaders transition into their roles without the support and tools to help them succeed. 

The greatest lesson I have learned is that great leadership requires guidance and support. With the right leadership skills, the sky is the limit in your success. 

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful tool to help you improve your performance.

As your coach, I will guide and mentor you to enhance your talents. We will work together to understand, develop find success toward your goals.

Executive coaching has been demonstrated to have very powerful results when you have a strong desire to change, grow, and a willingness to be vulnerable. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, my role will help you close that gap.

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What to Expect from KU Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

By retaining me as your executive coach, you are taking your first step toward achieving a new level of personal and professional excellence.  It is my role to help you identify and systematically eliminate obstacles, both internal and external, to guide you to success. Some of the things we may work on include:

  • Making challenging decisions

  • Strengthing your leadership skills

  • Improving your team's cohesiveness

  • Creating a culture of trust

  • Working through crucial conversations

  • Balancing life work

  • Time management

Preparing for your Coaching Session

Before our first session, I want you to think about what it is that you want to accomplish. Once you sign up for your first session I will ask you to complete a series of questions that will inspire some critical thinking and allow me to understand you better.

Come prepared to talk… We will be curious together.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh

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